Aura/Spirit Calculator

The aura and spirit skills give your monster a moderate or high boost in a particular stat. This boost is not visible in game, but with the below calculator, you can determine exactly what your monster's upgraded stat really is. The stat is affected by your monster's base state and the Aura or Spirit skill level. NOTE: This calculator was accurately updated in March of 2012 to the Game C standards.

Effective Stat
Gain of

Siege Calculator

The Siege Calculator will help you determine the siege of any monster at any level. This is a great tool to determine what level you must get your monster to produce a specific siege value. An example would be trying to piece together a unit that deals 120 siege damage which will usually guarantee taking a LV1 territory in one hit. Simply enter the starting or final siege for the unit and the target level, and the calculator will return the correct base/final siege for that level.

--== Single Unit ==--
--== Army Siege ==--

Note: Effective siege damage is rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Spawn Calculator

IMPORTANT!!! This calculator will only calculate monster counts in land for Game A, not for Game B or C! Check your game type in the start screen of the game.

The Spawn Calculator will help you determine the possible range of quantity of monsters you will face when attacking a specific level land at a particular distance. The outputted max/min is the number of monsters in each slot. For example, if you are facing a LV6 territory, the enemy will have all three monster slots occupied, so you must multiply the resulting numbers by 3.