Aura/Spirit Calculator

The aura and spirit skills give your monster a moderate or high boost in a particular stat. This boost is not visible in game, but with the below calculator, you can determine exactly what your monster's upgraded stat really is. The stat is affected by your monster's cost, intelligence, and skill level.

Effective Stat

Needs data to be more precise for costs other than 2.0, but shouldn't be off by too much (2.5% at most based on aura formula).

Siege Calculator

The Siege Calculator will help you determine the siege of any monster at any level. This is a great tool to determine what level you must get your monster to produce a specific siege value. An example would be trying to piece together a unit that deals 120 siege damage which will usually guarantee taking a LV1 territory in one hit. Simply enter the starting or final siege for the unit and the target level, and the calculator will return the correct base/final siege for that level.

--== Single Unit ==--
--== Army Siege ==--

Spawn Calculator

Coming Soon... watch this space!

I've put in the spawn calculator code. It doesn't seem to be working for some reason (did I do the table thing wrong?)